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Published work on hate speech

UKREN has an essay in a Springer journal on online hate speech in the EU. You can read the journal here

On Human Rights Day

UKREN AGM and UK launch of ENAR's report on migration and racism

We would like to invite you to UKREN’s Annual General Meeting and the UK launch of the European Network Against Racism’s (ENAR) shadow report on migration and racism, on the afternoon of Thursday 4 May in London.

ENAR are about to publish their groundbreaking research on the complex intersection between migration and racism. The report’s author, Ojeaku Nwabuzo, will come from Brussels to present the European-wide findings. This will be supplemented by UKREN’s Alan Anstead, who was one of the two researchers who examined the UK, giving an insight into the political and news media rhetoric that saw a spike in hate crimes around the EU referendum in the UK. And Fizza Qureshi, Director of Migrants Rights Network, will look into the key issues that organisations who support migrants should consider.

UKREN’s AGM is an important one as members need to vote on whether to accept (or not) UKREN’s new constitution as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, and to dissolve (or not) the old UKREN. UKREN will also briefly present its work over the last year and financial accounts, and its Steering Committee members/Trustees. Places can be booked here.

Cities and Communities: alternative approaches to combating race and religious hate

UKREN seminar that examined successful approaches to how cities and communities can prevent hate crime, increase reporting of incidents and better protect victims. Speakers include a community advocate from Northern Ireland, a police commissioner from Antwerp, a director of a highly successful community organisation, a big city and a small city.

Home Affairs Committee inquiry on hate crime

UKREN made a joint submission with Migrants' Rights Network to the Home Affairs Committee's inquiry on hate crime and its consequences. Submission here.

EU residence inquiry

UKREN made a joint submission with Migrants' Rights Network to a British Future-led cross party inquiry on the residence status of EU nationals in the UK. Submission here.


Should we Stay or Should we Go?

On 2nd June 2016, Just West Yorkshire and the UK Race Europe Network (UKREN) held an EU Referendum panel discussion- Should We Stay or Should We Go?- at Carriageworks Theatre in Leeds. We wanted to focus on issues important to BME communities and young people from a social justice and anti-racist perspective to counter the mainly partisan tenor of the public debate thus far.

Read Just West Yorkshire's report here, and UKREN's blog post about the discussion 'There Will be no Armageddon' here.


Whose Europe: the video

Watch our three minute video on what Europe means to these Black and Ethnic Minority people: And if you only have one minute, here's our trailer: Please share the videos if you like them.

Whose Europe?

On 23rd June 2016, British citizens and qualifying Commonwealth and Republic of Ireland citizens will have a chance to vote on Britain's continued membership to the European Union (EU).

In light of this, on 6th April 2016 in London, UKREN is holding a panel discussion 'Whose Europe?' to explore the referendum question. 

So far, much of the debate has been about politics, security, business and jobs. The rights of individuals, and especially for Black and Ethnic Minority people, have not been part of the debate. We want to change that by giving a platform for Black and Ethnic Minority activists to debate the advantages and disadvantages of EU membership. 

We hope you'll join us! Book a free place. The event will also be live streamed if you can't get to London.

Tell the world: CERD

The Runnymede Trust, UKREN and other NGOs are preparing a shadow report that the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination will use in their examination of how well - or not - the UK government has legislation, policies and practice to combat racial discrimination. 


Labour exploitation

UKREN submitted a response to the government's consultation on tackling exploitation in the labour market. The response can be read here.



UKREN is a partner in a ten country EU project to increase understanding of hate crime and reporting incidents. Project website with online reporting tool is at

Good Practice Plus

UKREN in partnership with NICEM, Migrants Centre Belfast, Police Service Northern Ireland and the Finnish Ministry of Interior is implementing a project to train, mentor and share best practice among police forces in combating hate crime and working with communities. More information and resources on the project website


2021 Census consultation

UKREN submitted views to the ONS consultation on the UK Census in 2021. 

The 2011 Census under ‘ethnic group’ had a tick box on identification as 'Gypsy/Irish Traveller'. Many Roma from central Europe did not tick this box as they view ‘Gypsy' as a derogatory term; instead they only ticked the nationality box on the census (Slovak, Romanian etc). UKREN suggested that a more inclusive census question would be 'Gypsy/Roma/Irish Traveller', which is what UK central and local government tend to use.
Unwillingness to self-identify has been an issue for these communities for centuries due to present and historical persecution. However having accurate data is essential in order to understand the issues faced by vulnerable groups.

Your Europe: Protecting Human Rights and Freedoms

On 19 March 2015 in Sheffield, UKREN together with partner organisations presented an evening of inspiration on the importance of upholding human rights and freedoms, like treating all without discrimination regardless of ethnic or national background. The event used armchair interviews, music, film and spoken word to stimulate thought and debate that motivates people to take action to protect the rights we sometimes take for granted. A member of the audience wrote a report on the evening. A poem inspired by audience tweets and the debate was videoed. And the brilliant 'I am Simon' animated poem about the importance of protecting human rights was showcased to great applause.


Why Migration Matters in the North West

Together with Migrants Supporting Migrants we organised an informal conference, workshop and celebration in Manchester on 26 September. A report on the event is here.

Roundtable on working together and engaging young people

On 22 July UKREN hosted a roundtable discussion on how traditional race equality organisations could work with new migrant community activism, and on how best to engage young people in anti-racism campaigns. A note on the meeting can be downloaded.


New Steering Committee

UKREN has a great new Steering Committee. You can see who was elected here. Gay Moon (Discrimination Law Association) was re-elected as Chair, with new Vice-Chairs Ratna Lachman (JUST West Yorkshire) and Patrick Yu (Northern Ireland Council for Ethnic Minorities). Wilf Sullivan (Trades Union Congress) continues as Treasurer.


My Vote Matters

UKREN together with Migrants Supporting Migrants organised two events in Manchester in May.

The first, on Sunday 18 May from 1 - 5 pm, was a celebration of the benefits that people from other countries have brought to the UK, with a family event of music, dance, food, quizes, and activities for children.

The second, on Tuesday 20 May from 6 - 8.30 pm, was a Question Time with North West region candidates for the European elections. It was a chance to ask them about race equality, immigration and free movement issues. A report on both events can be viewed here.

MEP Question Time on Race Equality

UKREN held a European Parliament elections Question Time event on race equality on Friday 21 March in London. The aim of the event was to share the views of four major UK political parties on race equality and immigration issues in advance of the European Elections.




Annesley Abercorn (Conservative Party candidate), Anuja Prashar (Liberal Democrats candidate), Kamaljeet Jandu (Labour Party candidate) and Jean Lambert MEP (Green Party) agreed to take part in the event. UKIP were invited, but declined to join the debate. The discussion was moderated by Kurt Barling, the tough but fair BBC special correspondent and professor of journalism.

A report and pictures of the event can be viewed here


European Parliament election watch on race equality

UKREN has constructed a website especially for the EP elections that shows a map and calendar of NGO activities with a race equality focus, such as hustings, meetings and events, together with communication tools and information that you might use. Do check the website now, and tell us about your events so that we can add them to the listing.


Future of the European Convention on Human Rights

In response to a call for views on the longer-term future of the system of the European Convention on Human Rights and the European Court of Human Rights, UKREN submitted a contribution on the significant contribution and value that the Convention and Court brings to the work of organisations fighting racism.

Click here to read other NGOs submissions


Balance of Competences Review

UKREN submitted evidence in January to the government's Balance of Competences Review, that is collecting views on the impact of EU action and law on the UK and whether that competence is best held at the EU or national level. UKREN, with help from members, submitted evidence (which can be viewed here) on fundamental rights and on employment and social policy.


Event - Challenges for race equality in Europe

On 5 December UKREN organised an event on the challenges for race equality in Europe. Nicolette Charalambidou and Joseph Harker inspired us with their views on Europe and the UK, and we all then worked hard to determine what we - as individual organisations and under the UKREN umbrella - could do to counter the increasingly negative and divisive anti human rights and immigration rhetoric in this country. A report on the event is available here.


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