The UK Race and Europe Network (UKREN) is a network of local and national organisations across Great Britain and Northern Ireland that work to combat race discrimination within a European context. It does this through sharing information between members and co-ordinating action on race equality issues. It aims to provide policy makers with a UK civil society perspective on European race equality issues and to encourage a positive public debate on race in Europe. Membership is open to organisations in the UK who fight racism and promote race equality. It is free to join.

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Brexit. #WTF

Wednesday 13 March 2019
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A very personal view on the shenaigans in Parliament about Brexit. #WTF.

No deal Brexit and race

Friday 8 February 2019
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Brexit will happen by default (and law) on 29 March 2019. At the time of writing it is looking unlikely that the government’s Withdrawal Bill will be passed by parliament, and the prospect of a no deal Brexit looks an increasingly likely scenario. This will have an impact on race.

EU Roma Week

Wednesday 18 April 2018
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Reflections on EU Roma Week, good and bad.


With the UK expected to formally leave the EU on 29 March 2019, even if there is a following transition period of some years when the UK is neither in nor out of the EU, UKREN is concerned that there will be a nagative impact on race, ethnicity and nationality as a direct effect of Brexit.

We are therefore putting together tools, training and events to help NGOs support more marginalised and vulnerable communities affected directly or indirectly by Brexit.


The Charter of Fundamental Rights brings together all the rights enjoyed by people within the EU in a single document. Although the Charterwill be removed from UK law, there is still an opportunity to advocate for it to remain. UKREN has written a e-guide for NGOs on what the Charter covers and how it can be used to safeguard rights, with examples from the UK. The e-guide is here.


Hate crime motivated by racism, xenophobia and religious intolerance has increased since the EU referendum and may well increase again on the UK leaving the EU. UKREN has produced an e-guide for NGOs to help victims of hate crime and hate speech. The e-guide is here.

Training events will be held in 2019 for NGOs on how to support victims of race hate crime and how to run dialogue events with communities, police and local authorities. More details will be put here soon.


Work is underway to empower vulnerable and marginalised EU nationals living in the UK by ensuring that they are aware of their rights, know how to access them, and are able to engage support from relevant NGOs. The rights are: employment rights; freedom from discrimination on the grounds of race, ethnicity or nationality; what counts as labour exploitation and modern slavery; and the benefits and housing assistance that a person may be entitled to. An e-guide will be produced, followed by training workshops across the UK, and Question and Answer sessions for communities. More details will be put here soon.

UKREN activities

Integrated Communities Strategy Green Paper

UKREN responded to the Government's consultation on its Integrated Communities Strategy green paper. You can read the response here.


Published work on hate speech

UKREN has an essay in a Springer journal on online hate speech in the EU. You can read the journal here.


On Human Rights Day


Race Inequality

Following on from the UK government's audit of public services to expose gaps on race equality, UKREN is organising roundtable discussions in Lambeth, Sheffield, Bristol and Rotherham. Please do attend if you are interested in reducing the inequality. Details of the discussion via the link to each city.


Dealing with hate crime

UKREN has published an e-book guide for victims of hate crime and for NGO's helping victims. A culmination of work on ENAR and Home Office supported projects. Download the e-book here.



UKREN tweets

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