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Friday 1 May 2015

Race equality, art and technology

Here at UKREN we have been testing different ways of engaging people, and in particular young people, about race equality and human rights in a European context. Mixing art, technology and powerful messages. Read on and let us know what you think about this approach...

So far we have tried poetry in a brilliant short film in which the young spoken word artist Simon Mole tells the story of human rights from Magna Carta through the drafting of the European Convention on Human Rights to the present day - the birth of his son and the world he would like the boy to be brought up in.

If you haven't seen it yet, please watch:

We also used spoken word (together with interviews and music) at an event in Sheffield in March. Here we tried out the idea of the audience contributing to a poem, that was performed at the end of the event, through twitter and using a hashtag. Here is a short video about 'Us for us':!/c1wf7

Next we are trying out infographics. We have produced two on what the political party manifestos say about race equality and human rights in Europe.


Next is an infographic on the Black and Minority Ethnic group vote and political representation in parliament.

We have also made an infographic on race inequality and diversity in higher education.

And the last infographic to share with you is an infographic on hate crime.

What do you think? An engaging way of inspiring a presently passive audience to take action, or art for art's sake? Welcome your views.


Alan Anstead, co-ordinator at UKREN, with artistic direction from Anna De Mutiis, UKREN project intern.

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