Equality and Human Rights Framework

The Equality and Diversity Forum have launched their ‘Equality and human Rights Framework’, a free digital toolkit for voluntary and community sector organisations.

Described as a ‘framework designed by and for the voluntary sector’, this resource gives organisations the tools to be effective and adaptive in meeting the fundamental needs of individuals.

‘It’s designed to help us use equality and human rights more effectively – to improve outcomes for the people we support. You can set priorities, plan next steps, and track progress. You can also use it to spark discussion on equality and human rights issues, keeping them front-of-mind in your organisation.’

The framework looks to:

  • Effectively involve others in an equality and rights based approach
  • Improve outcomes for organisations working on human rights and equality
  • Motivate staff and volunteers in the sector
  • Make sure we are meeting legal obligations and complying with regulator’s standards and codes of practice
  • Attract funding

To access the framework click on this link: http://www.edf.org.uk/framework

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