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EU fundamental rights toolkit

Wednesday 23 October 2013
News from EU institutions
The EU Fundamental Rights Agency has launched a practical toolkit designed to help public officials locally, regionally and nationally further improve fundamental rights’ protection and promotion by ‘joining’ together.
The online toolkit, ‘Joining up fundamental rights’, offers support to policy makers and practitioners who seek to coordinate fundamental rights initiatives across government and to implement them together with local authorities and civil society. The online toolkit draws on the practical experiences of hundreds of local, regional and national government officials, policy makers and practitioners. It offers hands-on advice and tools on how to integrate fundamental rights thinking into policy development, service delivery and administrative practices.

It contains examples, tips and lessons learned, checklists for self-assessment, and online resources about joined-up human rights initiatives by national and local government, international organisations, and NGOs.

The toolkit is divided into five key topics:

  1. Understanding fundamental rights
  2. Coordination and leadership
  3. Communicating fundamental rights
  4. Participation and civil society
  5. Planning, monitoring and evaluation

FRA will continue to enhance and improve the toolkit with feedback which users are encouraged to submit. The toolkit is being rolled out in workshops with practitioners throughout Europe. If interested, users should contact FRA. 

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