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Minorities unite in new equality campaign ahead of EU elections

Monday 7 April 2014
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ILGA-Europe and ENAR join hands to denounce prejudice, encourage EU citizens to vote in the European Parliament elections (22-25 May).

A brand new online campaign denounces racist, xenophobic and homophobic candidates in this year’s European elections.

The video explains the choice given to Emma, an EU voter, in the May elections. Emma faces an important choice between candidates who oppose her friends’ rights, or who care about both Emma and her community.

The video comes with an engaging infographic encouraging voters to pick candidates who support equality and diversity.

Explaining the campaign, Evelyne Paradis, Executive Director of ILGA-Europe, said:
“This is the first time two organisations like ours unite at this level. We speak for over a thousand organisations who firmly believe that discriminating against one minority affects everyone negatively.”

“We’re telling voters from all walks of life that more equality and more justice are within reach, but to achieve that, they must vote in May.”

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