Equality and Human Rights Framework

Identifying human rights stories

Wednesday 27 August 2014
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With a Conservative party general election manifesto that is likely to include replacing the Human Rights Act with a watered down Bill of Rights, in order for the UK to be no longer bound by the European Convention on Human Rights, a report that explores ways of generating stories that show how human rights affect the lives of people in the UK, is timely.

The authors, Dr. Alice Donald and Elizabeth Mottershaw, have taken the premise that the Human Rights Act is often misrepresented as benefiting litigious individuals at the expense of the public interest. Consequently, there is a need to bring more systematically into the public domain human rights stories that concern everyday scenarios affecting many people, and that reflect the impact of human rights standards and principles both inside and outside the courts.

The report was published by Middlesex University with funding from the Thomas Paine Initiative.

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