Equality and Human Rights Framework


Tuesday 21 April 2015

Twitter UK is organising a day of action on Monday 27 April using the hashtag #WhatMattersToMe, which they describe as "a day of conversation on Twitter highlighting local, national and global issues that really matter to the people of the UK ahead of the election". An opportunity to tweet about the importance of race equality, keeping the Human Rights Act, respecting the European Convention on Human Rights, and the EU work on preventing racial discrimination and race hate. Just use the hashtag!


Twitter would like us to get involved in this by:


  • Posting messages on Twitter using the #WhatMattersToMe hashtag on your most important issues for this election.

  • Filming a 30 second video about your issue and why it matters to you and upload it to Twitter via your mobile.

  • Encourage your members/supporters to do the same, emphasising the real issues that matter to them in the election, and what would make them vote for a particular party.


In addition to press outreach, Twitter will be highlighting these conversations on the platform. They will also be measuring trends within the conversation to highlight those issues that Twitter users are talking about most passionately.

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