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Wednesday 3 February 2016
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HOPE not hate and ENAR join forces in a positive, pan-European response to anti-Muslim marches announced for 6 February

HOPE not hate and ENAR (the European Network Against Racism) have joined forces to ensure that, on 6 February, our pan-European voices of HOPE sound louder than the shouts of fear and scaremongering coming from the far right and populist, anti-migrant and anti-Muslim groups. 

With marches announced in at least 12 European countries (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom and potentially Sweden), many under the banner of the anti-Muslim group Pegida, the time to Stand United, #Together as 1 Europe is now!

We could allow 6 February to be portrayed in national and European, traditional and social media as the day when few, but strong voices of fear and hate were heard the loudest. Or we could actually make it the day when a positive, diverse, pan-European movement of voices came #TOGETHER to show that We Are The Many and We Choose HOPE.

So join @Together1Europe – HOPE not hate, ENAR and a joint network of over 250 anti-racist, anti-fascist, social justice and human/migrant rights organisations – in a Thunderclap that will go live at 12 noon on Saturday, 6 February. 

<< Join @Together1Europe to show We R #Together, Muslims and non-Muslims in 1Europe. #Pegida - No, #HOPE - Yes.  >>

For our positive, inclusive message to trend on social media across Europe we encourage everyone to share the Thunderclap message below alongside pictures of our family and friends, our heterogeneous backgrounds, our diverse grassroots and faith communities and workplaces, holding posters reading “#Together” in English and alongside as many languages as possible -- "Ensemble", "Insieme", "Juntos", "Zusammen", "Împreună", “Közösen”, “Tillsammans”, etc.

6 February is not just about standing in solidarity with the Muslim communities of Europe. It is about the street, village, town or city, country and Europe we want to live in. It is about saying that whether you are a person of faith or no faith, no matter your race or ethnicity, no matter you were born or come from, your gender, age or social background, we want to celebrate all the values and ideals that bring us TOGETHER in our modern, tolerant Europe.

So join us and let’s transform attempts to divide us into new grassroots conversations, more trust, confidence and unity being built between Europe’s diverse communities.

After all we are @Together1Europe and this is just the beginning of our coming #Together!

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